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Woodstock: A Look Back

Billboard compiled a cache of memorable photos from the Woodstock Music Festival that happened 50 years ago this weekend in upstate New York. Click here to take a look back.MORE

Woodstock: A Look Back At Music History

It’s been 50 years since the famed Woodstock Music Festival. There have been many stories over the years about what happened during the festival but now the festival organizer is speaking about the weekend from his point of view. Click here to read organizer Joel Rosenman’s account of a weekend remembered for free love, cheap…MORE

New Book Tells Why Stevie Ray Vaughan Refused To Tour With David Bowie

In a new book available August 13, those who were close to Stevie Ray Vaughan detail important events in the legendary guitarist’s life, including a planned tour with David Bowie. “The advertising and advance on Texas Flood was Let’s Dance, which stoked people’s interest and curiosity about Stevie. People wanted to know who this unknown guitar player who told…MORE

Ian Gibbons, Former Kinks Member, Dead At 67

Keyboardist Ian Gibbons, who joined The Kinks in 1979, has died at the age of 67. “To simply say Ian will be missed would be an understatement,” said Ray Davies. “My first thoughts are for his family and loved ones. More details about Gibbons’ life can be found here.MORE

Sammy Hagar Chronicles Most Embarrassing Moments In New Book

In a new book, ‘No Encore!’, Sammy Hagar looks back on his career and shares some of the worst moments in his career, including the time he threw his mic stand in the air and it came back down, smashing into the head of bassist Bill Church. And how about the time when he was…MORE

Rush Album Covers To Be Transformed Into Jigsaw Puzzles

It happened with Metallica and now it’s gonna happen with Rush: album covers turned into jigsaw puzzles. Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures will be made into 500 piece puzzles, currently available for pre-order here.MORE

ZZ Top Documentary To Be Released In August

ZZ Top is celebrating 50 years in music with a documentary to be out August 13. They’ve released a trailer to promote the movie called, That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.  Watch the trailer here and get the schedule for their 50th Anniversary tour.MORE

New Motorhead Boxed Set Contains Rare, Live Performance

A rare clip of Motorhead’s 1979 performance of ‘Bomber’ is being released as part of a new boxed set. The track was recorded in Le Mans, France and the new boxed set will highlight everything the band did that year. Get more information about the new boxed set here and read about Motorhead’s influence on…MORE

Freddie Mercury Solo Track To Be Released On CD and DVD

Back in 1986, Freddie Mercury was one of several artists who recorded a track that was to be used in a musical for Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5. Recently, Dave Clark stripped away the other vocals, making the track a solo track and leaving Mercury’s voice. The song, Time Waits For No One, will…MORE

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