The Edge On U2’s ‘Experience’ Tour: ‘This Is For Our Committed Fans’

Photo Credit: Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images for (RED)

The Edge knows that U2‘s ongoing Experience + Innocence Tour – where they play nearly all of their new LP Songs of Experience and skip most of their big radio hits – isn’t for everyone. “We felt like if you wanted to hear the Joshua Tree songs, there was the Joshua Tree tour last year,” he says on the phone from Chicago during an off day from the road. “We knew that were people probably came to the Joshua Tree show that have not come to this knowing it was going to be more weighted towards the new albums, and that’s fine. This is for the fans of our more recent work, the more committed fans who really listen to everything and go to everything. We feel OK about that.”

It was an insightful and revealing interview with a glimpse into the band’s upcoming tour. Click here to read more.

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