Halford Fires Back At Downing For Insinuating Tipton’s Parts On Judas Priest’s ‘Firepower’ Were Laid Down By Producer

Photo Credit: Getty

Rob Halford has fired back at KK Downing over the former Judas Priest guitarist’s insinuation that producer Andy Sneap was covering Glenn Tipton’s parts on the band’s new album, insisting that “everything that you hear from Glenn on ‘Firepower’ is the amazing Glenn Tipton.”

During an appearance Tuesday, Halford responded directly to Downing’s comments, calling “a lot” of KK’s statement “completely superfluous” and dismissing as “a thousand percent false” the idea that Tipton didn’t personally lay down all of his guitar work on “Firepower”.

Read more about the ongoing feud between Halford and Downing here.


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