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Sammy Hagar And Michael Anthony On EVH Tribute Concert: “It’s Gonna Happen”

Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony were interviewed recently about a tribute show to Eddie Van Halen. Said Hagar, “It’s gotta happen. Of course it’s gonna happen. No one’s really connected all the dots with everyone involved, but I have been told, and I have read interviews with various people involved — with Wolfie [Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen]…MORE

Motley Crue’s 40th Birthday This Weekend

January 17, 1981…that’s the day Nikki Sixx first rocked out with Tommy Lee and Greg Leon. It was the very first lineup of Motley Crue and 40 years later, the guys are still going strong, minus Leon, of course. Read more here about the band’s 40th year celebrations.MORE

Black Crowes Unreleased Track ‘Charming Mess’ To Be Featured On 30th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Shake Your Money Maker’

The Black Crowes ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ expanded 30th anniversary edition will be released next month(the album was released in 1990 so it’s actually 31 years ago) and will feature never-before-heard studio tracks, unreleased demos in a multi-LP/multi-disc set, reproductions of swag from the band’s early days as Mr. Crowe’s Garden, a book featuring liner…MORE

Whitesnake’s ‘The Blues Album’ Expected Next Month

Whitesnake’s multi-platinum career has been inspired by the Blues and next month, the band is honoring their inspiration by releasing an album of remixed and remastered versions of the group’s best Blues/Rock tracks. “The Blues Album” will be the last release in their “Red, White and Blues” trilogy. Get details on how to pre-order your…MORE

David Bowie Tribute Show To Feature Supergroup ‘Ground Control’

David Bowie left us five years ago today and to celebrate his memory, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, guitarist Dave Navarro and bassist Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction, fronted by Corey Taylor will perform as Ground Control at A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day, a livestream show honoring Bowie’s legacy and the music he…MORE

Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson Talk About Neil Peart And Their Future In Music

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson revealed to Rolling Stone that they haven’t been motivated to play their instruments since losing their friend and bandmate Neil Peart a year ago. Lee also said Rush is no longer a functioning band. So what lies ahead for Lee and Lifeson’s musical careers? Click here to read the complete story…MORE

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