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Queen’s Brian May Suffers Heart Attack

Queen guitarist Brian May said he was “very near death” after suffering a heart attack and says he “could have died”. May says he thought he ripped his glutes in a gardening accident and after checking with his doctor, discovered he had three congested arteries. Read the complete story here.    MORE

Metallica: The Making Of ‘Ride The Lightning’

Metallica’s second album, ‘Ride The Lightning’ was released summer of ’84. The band was in its’ infancy but the members were gaining traction with fans and were confident they had a prosperous future ahead. In a new interview, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich talk about the making of their sophomore album. Click here to read the…MORE

Motley Crue, Def Leppard Postpone Stadium Tour Dates

Fans have been wondering the status of the 2020 Stadium Tour. Although Motley Crue and Def Leppard have not said if the tour is a go or will be canceled or postponed, they have quietly postponed at least two dates so far. An announcement is expected June 1. Find more information here.MORE

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Reveals COPD Diagnosis, Then Says He Misspoke

Recently, Ian Anderson said he’s suffering from an incurable lung disease, COPD and was diagnosed a couple of years ago. In an interview, Anderson said, “I do struggle. I have what are called exacerbations – periods when I get an infection that turns into severe bronchitis and I have maybe two or three weeks when…MORE

Guns N’ Roses Trump-Baiting TShirt Sales To Benefit Charity

Guns N’ Roses are getting revenge on President Trump a week after his maskless tour of a factory making N95 masks while blaring the GnR cover of ‘Live And Let Die’. Read more about the incident and find out what the band is doing about it here.MORE

Byran Adams Apologizes For Instagram Rant Deemed Racist

Bryan Adams took to Instagram earlier this week and posted a video along with a caption filled with expletives blaming Chinese people for the Covid-19 crisis. Critics were quick to point out the racism behind his comments so yesterday, Adams issued an apology. Read the complete story, and Adams’ comments, here.MORE

Little Richard, Pioneer Of Rock-N-Roll, Dead At 87

Little Richard, one of the founding fathers of rock-n-roll who broke musical barriers died Sunday. He was 87. Born Richard Wayne Penniman, he had been suffering with bone cancer, according to his son. Little Richard’s influence was far-reaching. Artists like The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Scorpions, Elvis, CCR, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Everly…MORE

CONFIRMED: Brian Howe, Formerly Of Bad Company, Ted Nugent, Dead At 66

Singer Brian Howe, who replaced Paul Rodgers in Bad Company and sang lead on Ted Nugent’s album, ‘Penetrator’ has died at the age of 66. He suffered a heart attack but was alert and communicating with EMTs however, he fell unconcious and could not be revived. Read more about Howe’s passing here.MORE

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