Phil Collen On Vince Neil: “He’s Got A Year To Get Ready For The Stadium Tour”

‘The Stadium Tour’ was recently postponed again until 2022 so Def Leppard’s Vince Neil decided he’d do some solo shows. Last weekend, he played a show in Iowa and it’s safe to say, things definitely didn’t go as planned, with Neil losing his voice mid-set, telling fans goodbye and walking off the stage.

Guitarist Phil Collen said, “I heard about it. Hey, look, he’s got a year to get ready for ‘The Stadium Tour’. There’s a lot at stake when you got out on tour, and you wanna be your best. Hopefully we’ll be working out together and all that stuff. That’s the other thing — we do have a camaraderie, especially with Motley Crue. With Nikki Sixx, we were talking just before the tour was announced, like, ‘We’re gonna work out together. We’re gonna do all this stuff.’

Read the complete story and watch Vince Neil’s performance here.

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