Young Fans Are To Blame For The Death Of Rock Music, According To Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons has said it again– rock is dead and newer artists will not ever have the chance to be successful like bands did back in the days when Kiss was getting started.

Simmons was in New York recently and during an interview said, “..the culprits are the young fans. You killed the thing that you love. Because as soon as streaming came in, you took away a chance for the new great bands who are there in the shadows, who can’t quit their day job ’cause you can’t make a dime putting your music out there, because when you download stuff, it’s one-hundredth or one-thousandth of one penny. And so you’ve gotta have millions to millions, and even billions of downloads before you can make a few grand. And the fans have killed that thing. So the business is dead. And that means that the next Beatles or the next whoever is never gonna get the chance that we did.”

Listen to the complete interview here and read the rest of the story.

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