What?! Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Is Recording A Christmas Song?

A new interview– well, new to most audiences anyway– was uploaded recently to YouTube that features Tommy Lee speaking a couple of months before Christmas, 2020. Tommy was asked if the Crue would ever record a Christmas album.

“That’s funny. I don’t think the dudes in the Crue would be down with that. But I… It’s funny you mention that, because I am working — and I can’t tell you the title yet — but I’m working on [A Christmas song]. I started working on a Christmas song a couple of months ago. And it was, like, crazy hot here [in Southern California] — we were having, like, a heatwave; it was 104 [or] 102 [degrees Fahrenheit]. And I was here in the studio, and the air conditioning was blasting, and I just wasn’t in the Christmas vibe. And I went, ‘Okay, I got it going, but I’m gonna put this on hold.’ And so coming up now, during the holidays, I’m gonna get back to work on it. So next Christmas, you’ll be hearing something from me.”

Read the complete story here and listen to the interview.

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