Lindsey Buckingham: Mac Split ‘Dishonors’ Band’s Legacy

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images for NARAS

Lindsey Buckingham took to Twitter on January 6 to offer new opinions on his 2018 split from Fleetwood Mac. In a reply to a tweet, Buckingham didn’t pull any punches, writing “I don’t have much regard for the way the band is presenting itself now.” He added that the split “completely dishonors the beautiful… legacy we built together.”

Buckingham’s tweets follow an interview that aired on December 8, in which he revealed that he and Fleetwood Mac have settled the lawsuit that he filed earlier in 2018. The band’s longtime guitarist and songwriter had accused the Mac of breach of fiduciary duty and other charges.

Buckingham went on to point the finger at Stevie Nicks as being largely responsible for the split.

More details can be found here including Christine McVie’s private note to Buckingham.

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