‘Beside Bowie’: New Documentary Traces Life Of Guitarist Mick Ronson

Photo Credit: Getty

Roughly three years before David Bowie died, the man who sold the world sat down with a recorder to capture his memories of Spiders From Mars guitarist Mick Ronson on tape. He was urged to do so at the behest of Mick’s widow Suzi Ronson, Bowie’s former hairdresser and the creator of his legendary Ziggy Stardust orange space mullet. Mick had been dead for two decades at that point, but few people outside of hardcore Bowie aficionados were aware of his axeman’s massive contributions to popular music – and she wanted to alleviate that.

“David was worried at that time that Suzi might not have been up to making a documentary,” says filmmaker Jon Brewer. “But what he did for her was create these audio bites that were almost like narration.”

Read more about the new documentary here.

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